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What We Do

Our AMASE Consulting group provides a variety of programs to nonprofit leaders, small business owners, and government agencies. 

Get the strategies you need to help you complete each phase of reaching your primary objectives as you continue to hold fast to the missions that matter to you the most. AMASE Consulting, LLC provides services to any entity planning a nonprofit start-up in Texas. This includes guidance throughout every stage of developing philanthropic programs. We will evaluate your organization's current strengths and provide feedback on how you can improve operations. 

Choose Your Career – This pre-employment training emphasizes assisting students ages 18-24 who have disabilities in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. We help them with career exploration and training that pertains to the work they would perform on the job. This also includes learning social skills and how to gain independence.

A Time to Fish – Through this program, we focus on adults who want to improve their employment outcomes. We prepare individuals to become qualified in their chosen careers and achieve desired productivity levels. In addition, we collaborate with local community organizations, state agencies, and employers to help them gain long-term independence.

Technology Loan Program – Eligible individuals can access loaned laptops and mobile Internet to complete post-secondary training that will open new employment opportunities for them. These electronic devices will also enable them to complete resumes and set up email for communication.

Grant Writing 101 – We educate qualifying participants in all aspects of how to write a grant proposal for nonprofit organizations. These grant writing workshops include an introduction to organizations that award the grants. It also involves researching the grantor requirements for application and offerings of resources, tools, and tips on how to write the proposal. A mock Grant Review Committee will also take place, which makes the experience real for grant applicants.

Nonprofit Consulting – Our AMASE nonprofit consulting Dallas staff offers all the help you need such as hands-on training and coaching, lectures, and conferences to help you succeed in business. However, we also extend our services to your desire to run a successful nonprofit agency. This includes helping you learn how to manage multiple revenue streams and keeping track of finances and adhering to a budget. We also teach basic nonprofit management and board development skills.

Customized Workshops – Specialized workshops and group activities, that’s part of the customized coaching that our AMASE Consulting team provides. This usually consists of 40 hours of courses at a location determined when the training sessions are scheduled. Participants consist of persons who have access to a computer and the Internet. The workshops also include all templates and resources required for delivering the curriculum to attendees. 

Grant Management 

Technical assistance and compliance monitoring to increase your chance of seeking the financial awards you desire. The process starts with helping you to research available funding opportunities and thereafter developing your grant proposal to get you funded. 

  • Funding opportunity research

  • Grant writing and application preparation

  • Grant proposal development 

  • Technical Assistance 

  • Compliance Monitoring 

Non-Profit Consulting

We pledge to keep lines of communication with you open as you drive to improve all areas of your organization. We show our clients how to increase chances of funding, and build capacity along with fine-tuning management, operations, and structures. 

  • Startup assistance

  • Business plans and strategies

  • Procedure and policy manual creation

  • Establishment of bylaws

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Review grant proposals

HRSA 340B Support

We help you reduce the administrative burden of managing your HRSA 340B program. We carry out all policies, procedures, and management in compliance with HRSA 340B guidelines.

  • Develop manuals for your policies and procedures

  • Help you to develop strategies to effectively manage the program 

  • Reduce your compliance risks by Evaluating and assessing areas of your program

Small Business Support 

We train businesses in all aspects of running a company and provides support ranging from startup and daily operations to entrepreneurial coaching. Our staff members can provide clerical and fiscal management support that allows for a seamless flow and peace of mind. 

  • Business startup and development

  • Back-office support

  • Bookkeeping and accounting

  • Courier services

  • Corrective action plans

Program Development

We develop a plan, which incldues identifying your target audience, determining staffing needs, calculating your operations budget, and need assessment to determine community feasibility and impact. Growing trends made apparent by studying data will help us pinpoint the direction your profit or nonprofit entity should take.

Data analysis – We have the tools you need for data analysis setup, and we also can use the statistics gathered to improve all aspects of your organization.

Implementation planning – Our consultants not only will help you prioritize your tasks and projects, but we will also outline each step you need to take and when each duty you perform must be completed to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Policy manual creation – Regulations related to rules about how to conduct business that maintains grant eligibility by using written documentation of your operation guidelines to increase your chance of a grant award. 

Compliance reviews – To make sure your company continues to meet your profitability and philanthropic goals; annual reviews might be required. 

Program evaluation –From the beginning stages of creating your program to adding the final touches to your program structure, you’ll need periodic evaluation. 

Compliance monitoring – Monitoring works hand in hand with program evaluation. This includes verifying that you adhere to internal funding and organizational and administrative policies.  proposal process.

Workforce Development

AMASE Consulting coordinates educational programs provided by the Texas Workforce Commission, and we are one of the Eligible Training Providers. This includes pre-employment and a variety of occupational skills workshops along with vocational rehabilitation when needed.

We offer support for businesses who desire to provide training as designated by the Workforce, Innovation and Opportunity Act:

Adult Employee Services Program – This provides adults with opportunities to advance their skills and receive the education that will help them land a job that pays them a living wage. It will also improve their chances of obtaining self-sufficiency.

High School Pre-Employment Transitional Services – Teens leaving school and entering the workforce upon graduation can take advantage of the Pre ETS Texas program. This pre-employment program provides occupational preparation that results in jobs for students in Texas. It also prepares young people for the professional world as they gain their independence.

Technology Loan Program – Nowadays, almost all schools require online registration and enrollment. This program helps students in marginalized communities borrow the technology required for entrance into classes. Qualification and restrictions apply.

Breaking down barriers to educational opportunities is one way that our AMASE experts help educational institutions enhance employment readiness skills. Another way is through program management. 

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